Born 25 NOV 1934
Died 21 JUN 2021
Mr Kandiah Rajaratnam
ஆசிரியர்- அளுத்கம, யா/ஸ்ரீசோமஸ்கந்தா கல்லூரி, அதிபர் - ஞானாசாரியார், இடைக்காடு மகா வித்தியாலயம், பூநகரி மகாவித்தியாலயம், வட்டாரக் கல்வி அதிகாரி- மன்னார், கல்வி அமைச்சு நிர்வாகி - கொழும்பு, Head of Science Department - Ethiopia, Zambia, South Africa (Transkei)
Age 86
Mr Kandiah Rajaratnam 1934 - 2021 Pallai, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka


Jeyaram, Tharani and Baby in Womb 22 JUL 2021 Canada

We are deeply saddened by the loss of a wonderfully loving soul who sincerely loves and cherishes everyone. He is a deeply devoted husband, grandfather and father. It’s not always how often you speak to someone but the impact they have on you. The energy and live that radiates from him is beyond words. I love you Periappah and miss you. I am glad I spoke to you briefly for your blessings. I cherish those moments with such a gift. Rest In Peace. Your memories have no bounds. It’s limitless.