Born 27 NOV 1926
Rest 29 APR 2021
Mrs Mary Rose Sabarathnam
Age 94
Mrs Mary Rose Sabarathnam 1926 - 2021 Jaffna, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka


Aloysius Arulanandam 03 MAY 2021 Canada

The call of the Lord has come in the most difficult time of our generations ,as loved ones living faraway are unable to be there to pay the final respect and say good bye. Little I know ,lots I heard from families, friends and strangers about her noble quality of charity , hospitality and compassion. Though she didn't had much ,who ever reached out to her for assistance, she always received them with the innocent smile, fed them and never let them go empty handed. I learned from her that one does not need to be rich to be charitable. Now you are as close as to th kme Lord you had ever been give us your blessings. Our prayers.