Born 13 JUN 1942
Rest 02 MAY 2021
Mr Thangavel Kathiripillai
Retired Internal Auditor at Divisional Secretariat Kilinochchi
Age 78
Mr Thangavel Kathiripillai 1942 - 2021 Kuppilan, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Rest in Peace
Mr Thangavel Kathiripillai
1942 - 2021

As we have selected him at the first inauguration time, as the president of KUPPILAN VIGNESWARA MAKKAL MANTRAM in Canada, we could identify, how far his unlimited village patriotism. We can finger point him amid our villagers as the perfect gentleman, with characteristics of courteous, polite approaching behaviors, and honest mentalities. We lost a true village patriot. Anyway, demise is nature and each one in line. Let us pray together to rest his soul in peace.

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