Born 13 JUN 1942
Rest 02 MAY 2021
Mr Thangavel Kathiripillai
Retired Internal Auditor at Divisional Secretariat Kilinochchi
Age 78
Mr Thangavel Kathiripillai 1942 - 2021 Kuppilan, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka


Ganeshalingam & family, Waterloo 05 MAY 2021 Canada

Thankavel anna lost his father when he was in the school at Jaffna Hindu College. As the only boy in the family, he didn't have any other alternative except to leave the school and join the work force to support the family. Even after migrating to Canada, he devoted himself in social services. He was the first president of the Kuppilan society in Canada. All of us, the Kuppilan natives living in Canada owe him an immeasurable amount of gratitude. May his soul rest in peace.