Born 09 JAN 1931
Rest 13 NOV 2021
Mr Thuraiappah Kanesalingam
Former district engineer of Jaffna, Sri Lanka and retired General Manager of ACME Builders of Lagos, Nigeria
Age 90
Mr Thuraiappah Kanesalingam 1931 - 2021 Anaipanthy, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Rest in Peace
Mr Thuraiappah Kanesalingam
1931 - 2021

I had the pleasure of many a friendly conversation with Kanesalingam uncle. A sharp-witted man with a ready sense of humour, he would wave away difficulties with a positive attitude. He liked to live life to the full while also conducting himself with dignity and a strong sense of values. A dutiful husband, he was also an intensely doting father and grandfather, and a very affectionate father-in-law. He will be deeply missed.

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