Born 13 SEP 1950
Rest 01 JUN 2021
Mrs Rohini Ramachandran
Age 70
Mrs Rohini Ramachandran 1950 - 2021 Kondavil, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Rest in Peace
Mrs Rohini Ramachandran
1950 - 2021

Rohini, my aunt, I saw her as my big sister--even though she was a few months younger--ever since I arrived in Britain, 48 years ago. A eulogy is always a panegyric; you extol the virtues of the departed and conceal the negatives. But in the case of Rohini, an encomium is what she rightly deserves. In my view she was the epitome of "perfect goodness" that Valluvar described 2,000 years ago in Thirukural, Chapter 99, Verse 983: Love, modesty, propriety, kindly look and truthfulness; these are the five pillars on which perfect goodness rests. Bagavadgita: Birth and death are illusory from the standpoint of the eternal-self. That was easy for Lord Krishna to proclaim. Her husband, children, grandchildren, father and siblings will mourn the untimely departure of such a loving, kind and dedicated soul, for a long time to come. No words can ameliorate the desolation they will all be feeling. The passage of time will evanesce the tragedy, but the memory of a kind person like Rohini will burn forever. If you are blessed with a mother like her, rejoice; if you have been favoured with a grandmother like her, jump for joy; if you are a young man, and you find a woman like her, Carpe Diem!

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