Born 11 OCT 1939
Rest 12 JUN 2021
Mr Chellappah Balasubramaniam (Bala)
Retired Civil Engineer- UK
Age 81
Mr Chellappah Balasubramaniam 1939 - 2021 Kondavil, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka


Shankar ( Brother-in-law) 20 JUN 2021 Australia

Bala, memories are pouring . The very 1st time I saw you in Jaffna just after marrying my sister oh no, I got gifts after gifts given to me. Bala was always entertaining and when a friend accompanied me to see him, he will immediately summon me to introduce him. Oh, do you remember when you came to Germany to see me with family, all the Tamil boys got to see him in awe? In Australia, we drove from Sydney to Mildura to Melbourne. Laughter and thrill. I miss you, dear Bala. You are in the best abode. Aum Saravanabawaya Namaha. P.S: You have a close resemblance to Denzil Washington.