10th Year Remembrance
Born 10 JUL 1927
Rest 11 JUL 2012
Late Arumugam Nadarajah
Age 85
Late Arumugam Nadarajah 1927 - 2012 Karaveddy, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
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 In Loving Memory of Arumugam Nadarajah's 10th Year Remembrance.

"Ten year has passed since you left us
but it only feels like yesterday.
The pain of loosing you is still hard
and time is not making it any easier.
If only we could talk to you
and hold your hand one more time.

We look at your beautiful face every day
and wish those happy days can be relived.
We know life was not easy for you and you
 did the best for us in testing times.

We would give anything to give you one hug
 and tell you how much we love you.
you will always be in our heart
and those special memories will always
bring a smile to our face.
 Rest in Peace...

Informed by: Family